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    Please use this form for reservations and Inquiries

    For reservations and inquiries to Sokodo-sou, please press the confirmation button upon filling in the form below.
    It may take 1~2 business days to reply, so if you have inquiries and confirmations of right before date of lodgment, or want to reply as soon as possible, please contact us by phone.
    Inquiry by phone:TEL 04996-2-0092

    If there are any questions and we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Please fill in the mandatory information in the form below.

    Telephone number 

    As a general rule, we reply it to the e-mail address that had you enter, but may call when we could not send it by the e-mail, will call you on the phone. So please fill the phone number if you do not mind.
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